hi, i'm dr. spencer reid, i'm a member of the behavioral analysis unit of the fbi. i hold 2 bachelor's degrees and 3 phd's, and have an iq of 187.

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 JJ grabbed a pair of oven mitts and took out the dish. She set it on the stove top to check it. Pulling off the tinfoil, she cut into the chicken to see if it was cooked all the way through.

“smells good,” spencer said, leaning against the counter.

 JJ looked at him. “Well I hope it tastes good.”

“i’m sure it will,” he laughed. “i’ll let them know it’s ready.” spencer walked into the living room.

 She picked up the dish and set it on the table, ready to be eaten. JJ walked back into the kitchen and grabbed a spoon to serve the food with.

spencer carried henry into the kitchen, jj’s parents walking behind him. “it looks great jj,” her dad smiled.

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    his hands settled on jj’s hips, pushing them into his as he playfully bit her lower lip.