hi, i'm dr. spencer reid, i'm a member of the behavioral analysis unit of the fbi. i hold 2 bachelor's degrees and 3 phd's, and have an iq of 187.


spencer woke up early, he threw on a pair of jeans and a shirt before listening to make sure he didn’t hear anyone else awake. there was a small drugstore two blocks or so from their house, so he grabbed his keys and began walking there. it was cold but looked like it was going to be a nice day, he was very anxious to get back and for jj to wake up. on one hand he loved the idea of already starting their own family together, not that he didn’t consider henry to be his family. he walked into the small store, greeted by the person at the front counter. he walked back to the “sexual wellness” corner of the store, and selected two different brands of pregnancy tests, he then walked over to the wall of vitamins and grabbed a bottle of pre-natal, just in case. he walked back to the counter, handing the items over to the clerk, who smiled when she looked at what he was buying. “hoping for exciting news?” the middle-aged woman asked. “i um, i uh, i’m not really sure what i’m hoping for,” spencer said quietly as the clerk frowned. feeling bad for what he said he added, “whatever happens will be what i’m hoping for.” the clerk nodded, placing the items in a bag. spencer thanked her and bean walking home. he couldn’t help but think how unprepared he was, they still had a month, almost to the day, until their wedding and he had zero experience with babies except the few times he’d watched henry. he didn’t know if he was ready to get up in the middle of the night, and if jj would be able to take a few months off to be home with the baby. he especially wouldn’t know what to do if the baby was like him, his mom knew what to do, but how would he be able to talk to her about it. he opened the front door of their house, locking it behind him, he waited a moment to make sure everyone was still asleep before walking back up the stairs. he opened their bedroom door, and closed and locked it behind him, walking over to their bathroom, he placed the small brown bag in the drawer that jj kept her hairbrush. he quickly changed into his pj pants and a t-shirt, before crawling back into bed. he smiled at the sight of jj sleeping for a moment, before he wrapped his arm around her and closed his eyes.

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    his hands settled on jj’s hips, pushing them into his as he playfully bit her lower lip.